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About Us


We are called the The Rustics Volunteers of the The Rural Life Centre (normally referred to simply as the "The Rustics").



Objectives of the Rustics

  1. To support the aims and all activities taking place at the Rural Life Centre
  2. To arrange social activities for the Rustics membership.
  3. To raise funds for the museum



The constitution of the Rustics Volunteers is here



Membership of the Rustics is open to individuals, subject to the approval of the committee, who are active volunteers, long-term supporters of the museum, Life members or Honorary Rustic members.

Active Volunteers and their partners qualify for the Special Volunteers Concessionary Membership fee.


If you have any queries about the Rustics then please contact us by email using this link, Contact The Rustics



Please note that for enquiries about events at the Rural Life Centre please contact them directly by phone or via their website.


You may be invited to join the Marquee erecting group. 


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The Rustics History

The Rustics were formed in 1990 to support the museum's work. Today we have more than 200 volunteers who give some of their time and skills to help support the museum and its activities.